Justrightcommunities.com serves as Residential Investment Properties’ online resource for its communities, residents, and showcases current homes for sale.


Residential Investment Properties, Inc currently operates a portfolio of manufactured home communities, across upper Midwest states.

With over 55 combined years experience, we’re seasoned in Mobile Home Community acquisitions. If you are looking to sell your community, or are interested in an evaluation, please contact us.


Our attentive on-site managers and experienced corporate management team take pride in providing clean, safe, friendly environments our residents are proud to call home.


Looking to sell your mobile home? We buy homes in or near our communities. Contact us for an evaluation.

Michael Conley

Michael ConleyMichael formed Residential Investment Properties, Inc. in 1998, after 15 years in commercial and residential real estate. This experience in various types of real estate inspired him to focus on manufactured home communities. Since its inception, Residential Investment Properties has identified, secured financing, purchased and managed 25 manufactured home communities, in seven states.

In addition to his current status as President of Residential Investment Properties, Michael is the the co-founder of Northland Manufactured Home Sales — a licensed mobile home dealership offering new and used mobile homes.

Additionally, Conley co-authored a book, How to Buy, Manage and Sell a Manufactured Home Community, which offers professional insight into the nuances of acquiring, owning and managing Manufactured Home Communities.

He has done consulting for several institutional lenders and the U.S. government concerning the manufactured housing business, and is regarded as one of the industry’s foremost experts.

Ethan Czlapinski

Ethan joined Residential Investment Properties in 2005 and co-founded Northland Manufactured Home Sales.

With 18+ years of experience in the manufactured home community industry Ethan’s expertise spans property evaluation, acquisition, brokerage and management. Czlapinski’s unmatched experience with day-to-day operations and management of a portfolio of manufactured communities, makes him an industry stand-out.

Ethan is a co-founder of Northand Manufactured Home Sales – a licensed mobile home dealership.

Debbie Rearick

Debbie joined Residential Investment Properties in 2007.  As a residential architect and business owner, she offers 25+ years of experience in contract negotiations, vendor/contractor invoicing, account payable and receivable, and maintains the financial accounts for all of our communities.

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